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BAYBA - Blackhawk Area Youth Baseball Association

Pony League -- Ages 13-14



The official playing rules with the exception and variation contained herein shall be “Official Rules of Major League Baseball”. The Beaver County Pony League Rules Supersedes All Individual League Rules.




1. All games start at 6:00 pm. There is a 15 minute grace period.  Saturday and Sunday games can start earlier if the managers agree. Visiting team gets field 20 minutes prior to start time. They get it for 15 minutes. The remaining 5 minutes before game time should be used to review ground rules. (NB home games only will start at 5:30pm)

2. The home team must notify the League Commissioner, by phone with any cancellations, rainouts or postponements immediately. Failure may result in a forfeit.

3. The only exception to reschedule games is school functions (3 or more players with documentation from school) or inclement weather. Lack of players or coaches Is Not an excuse to cancel a game and a rostered coach must be present (Violation-is a forfeit).

4. All teams must have a rostered adult coach throughout game. (Violation-Forfeit)

5. Home team must notify their League Commissioner with game results by 9:00 pm the night of the game. (1st failure-warning and each additional $10 fine)

6. League Commissioner or Executive Board member will reschedule all games and use first available date open.

7. Protest must be submitted in writing within 48 hours along with a check for $50 (Fifty Dollars). Check will be returned if you win protest. The League President must be notified by phone no later then 10:00 pm the night of the protest. If game is to be replayed both teams will split cost of umpires.

8. If game is called for any reason, it is an official game if 5 (Five) innings have been completed or if the home team has scored more runs in four an fraction innings than the visiting team has scored in five complete innings.

9. All non-completed games will be played from the point they were stopped.

10. If a game is called for any reason in an uncompleted inning, after having reached complete game length and the visiting team ties the score or takes the lead in the uncompleted inning and the home team does not tie the score or retakes the lead and it’s portion the uncompleted inning, the game shall be considered a suspended game and should be continued from the point of curtailment at a time scheduled by the League Commissioner.

11. A 10 run rule will be in effect after the losing team has batted five times. After the fifth inning if the home team goes ahead by 10 runs, the game is over. If the visiting team is ahead by 10 runs after the fifth inning the full inning must be completed. A 15 run rule is in effect after 4 innings.

12. All un-played games will result in forfeit and a fine of $25 (Twenty-Five) for 1st forfeit and $50 (Fifty) for each additional forfeit. If any game played or being played results in a forfeit the above fines also apply.

13. Three or more forfeits will make the team ineligible for playoffs.

14. All managers must have a copy of the League rules and MLB rules at every game played. (1st violation-warning then $10 fine per)

15. All scheduled games will be completed by date set forth by executive board.

16. All correspondence must go through The Executive Board.


Disclaimer: The Beaver County Pony League is not responsible for any action by coaches, players, umpires, and spectators before and after the game.




-Meetings are set once a month from January thru June

-January, February, March, and April meeting starts at 6:00 or 7:00 pm.

-May and June meeting starts at 9:00 pm.

-Meetings are mandatory. Each organization must have a representative at each meeting. (4th miss $25 fine/ $50 for each additional)

-Commissioners only-no coaches (Except April-managers also).




-Any Association of a town or township desiring to take part in The Beaver County Pony League must enter all teams under its jurisdiction, be invited to meeting and be voted in by the majority of commissioners present.

-A team may get player within their school district. The only exception to get a player from outside the school district is if the player played in the towns program for the previous 3 years.

-Once a player is on a roster he/she is locked into that roster throughout their Pony League career. The only exception is following the guidelines for adding or subtracting a team, redraft, moving out of school district and Exception Rule.


-Any player from an established team may play on an expansion team within the same organization.

-No player from an established team may go to another established team.  Violation will result in a forfeit for all games player played in.


                -The organization must determine what team they are dropping.

                -Players from the dropped team may go to one of the remaining teams.


                -No re-draft will be permitted except with permission of executive board under special circumstances.

                -13 and 14 year olds must be within two (2) per age group if re-draft is granted.

-If player moves out of the school district he/she can stay on their team or play for team in new school district.                                       -All players cut may play for another community and remain with their team throughout career. (Discretion of Executive Board)



-Exception Rule: If a league cannot field a team any returning player or new player may play on another team outside their school district with the possibility of returning to their community the following year if they field a team. (Discretion of Executive Board)


                -Registration fee per team-$150 (One Hundred Dollars)

-Any organization dropping out of the league before the first game will get a refund minus 10% charge.

-Any organization dropping out of the league after the first game will not receive a refund.

-Any organization dropping out of the league other then not being able to field a team wishing to return must follow new town protocol.

-Any organization not paying off any balance as result of fines, etc by date set by League President will not be permitted to play the following season. (This would count as dropping out of the league)

-All organizations must have their own insurance and sign waiver by the March meeting. (Penalty-No Schedule)

-All teams must have with them a first aid kit at all games and practices.

-A team must start with 9 eligible players. (Penalty-Forfeit)

-Up to four (4) non-rostered 12 year olds within your organization can be called up to play. They can play any position (except pitcher) and bat anywhere in the order. If a player(s) are called up all uniformed players must play 6 defensive outs or bat once. (Exception: if game is called short of 7 inning and player would have met the requirements if all 7 innings were played)

-If you have eleven or more rostered players present call-ups cannot be used.

-Other than playing time as result of call-ups there is no requirement to play players.

-Teams using non-rostered players (except call-ups) will forfeit all games the player(s) played in.

-When rosters are turned into the Executive Board, new players cannot be added. New player moving into an organization from out of town must have permission from Executive Board to be added to the roster.

-Rosters consist of 1 (One) Manager, 4 (Four) Coaches, 1 (One) Scorekeeper and up to 18 (Eighteen) players.

-All players on teams outside league must have additional team(s) listed on roster. (Violation-$10 fine per player)

-Any player under doctor’s care must have written release given to the League President before playing.




-Bases will be 80 feet and pitchers mound will be 54 feet.

-Infield foul line lines are mandatory.

-A running lane on first base side in mandatory.

-Batters box is mandatory

-Executive Board can pull games from field if they deem it not suitable for safe play.




-The players are required to wear a double-flapped ear protection helmet bearing the NOCSAE stamp, while batting running basses, or on deck.

-Any base coach under 18 years of age must also wear the NOCSAE approved helmet.

-Catchers are required to wear:

                -Goalie style catcher’s helmet.

                -Mask with extended throat protector or attachable throat protector.

                -Chest protector.

                -Shin guards.

                -Protective cup.

-All players and coaches under 18 years old are required to wear mask and helmet when warming up pitcher.

-Metal, Ceramic, or Graphite bats may be used. Wooden bats are also permitted following the MLB rules.

                -Wood bats only will be used 2 years after either Colt or Little League start using them.

-Jewelry of any kind is prohibited.

-Baseballs must contain the Pony League Emblem.

-Home team for each game must provide two new balls and acceptable backups.




-Pitchers may pitch seven innings a week (Monday-Sunday)

-Pitchers shall not pitch in more than seven innings in a three day period.

-No warning on balks.

-As soon as a pitcher delivers one pitch, it shall be considered one inning pitched.

-Any pitcher who is withdrawn from the mound Shall Not be permitted to return as a pitcher in that game.

-Any innings pitched in a rain postponed or suspended game Will Count as innings pitched in that week.

-New pitchers may take 8 warm-up pitches and 5 for each additional inning.

-Manager or Coach may visit mound once per inning per pitcher, the second visit the pitcher must be removed.

-The pitcher named in the batting order turned in prior to start of the game, shall pitch to the first batter or substitute batter until they complete their at bat. The exception is if the player is injured or ill and the umpires judgment, incapacitates him from pitching. He will not be permitted to pitch later in the game. Relief pitchers must face at least one batter.

-If a pitcher wants to intentionally walk a batter he must inform the umpire. The batter will be walked automatically without a pitch.

-Any violation of pitching rules will result in a forfeit.

-Coaches must keep track of pitch counts and document in score book. (No pitch count limits-Just to keep coaches aware)




-Only one player is permitted on deck.

-The designated hitter will not be used.

-Extra hitter may be added to your line-up. He/she can play the field. He/she is considered a position player and may switch with a fielder. Batting order does not change. If you start with 10 players you can finish with 9 players if you have no substitution options.         -When vacated spot in batting order comes up it will be an automatic out.

-Courtesy runner may be used for the catcher with two outs. (Bench player not in batting order/Last batted out if no bench player)

-On any close play at the plate or bases (except 1st), the player must slide or avoid contact. If the player chooses not to slide and makes contact he will be out. Any flagrant violation of this rule will be reason for ejection.

-No hurdling within 3 feet of plate or any base. (Runner will be ruled out)




-A starter may be substituted for at any time. He/she may re-enter the game provided he/she enters their original spot in the batting order. If removed from the game a second time the starter May Not re-enter the game. Any substitute who enters the game and then is replaced May Not re-enter the game.

-Injury to a player will be the only exception to these rules. In such case, any player who has not previously been in the game must be inserted before a substitute who has entered and left the game and any starter who has entered the and left the game twice.

- If you start with 9 players you can finish with 8 players if you have no substitution options. When vacated spot in batting order comes up it will be an automatic out.

-Blood rule-if a player is bleeding he must be removed from the game until the bleeding is stopped. A Courtesy Substitute may be used. This will not count as an official substitution.




-Throwing or misuse of equipment or abusive language shall be reason for automatic ejection from the game.

-Only individuals listed on the roster are permitted in the dugout, on deck area and field. (Violation may result in forfeit)

-Any individual on the roster who is ejected from game faces possible disciplinary action which will be determined by the Executive Board or League Commissioner on case by case bases.

-No use of tobacco (Includes smokeless) products by coaches, umpires or players during pre-game and game.

-Any Executive Board member reserves the right to discipline any individual on team roster and umpires for behavior they feel is not in the best interest of The Beaver County Pony League.

-Discipline may include warning, suspension, dismissal, being barred, or any other disciplinary action the Executive Board may choose. This will be determined on a case by case basis. In the event of suspension, dismissal, or being barred a hearing may be called by the League President.




-Umpires must abide by Major League and Beaver County Pony League Rules. (No Exception)

-Home plate (head ump) must be a patch umpire. Base umpire must be at least 16 years old. Home team is responsible to schedule both umpires.

-If umpire(s) are under age prior to start of game the visiting team must be notified. The visiting team can have the game rescheduled to their field with the original home team paying for umpires. If both teams agree to play then the game results will stand.

-Must have two umpires. If game does not start within a half hour, due to umpires being late or no show the game can be rescheduled by visiting team at their field and home team must pay umpires.  If game is played results stand.

-Managers and coaches may not umpire league games in their division during season and playoffs.

-Umpires may not be related to any player or coach on either team. This does not include patch umpires but other team must be notified. (Violation will result in forfeit)




-League playoffs are best of 3 series. (One game play-ins with 6 teams)

-Four teams will make playoffs if league has 12 or less teams. Six teams if league has 13-19. Eight teams if league has 20+ teams.

-Pending on number of sections the Executive Board will determine number of teams per section and wildcard teams.

-Pitchers can pitch 7 innings per week but no more then 7 in a three day period.

-Rain outs or other factors may cause schedule changes. Teams must adjust to schedule because it will not adjust to them.

-Game dates will be set without concern for field. If the home team cannot get their field or a neutral field then it will go to visitor’s field. (Home team will still be the home team)

-Protests will be handled on the field at the time of play (No exceptions)

-Season record will determine seeding for the playoffs.










BEST OF 3 Style:


-Higher seed will be home team in either game one or two and game three if needed.

-The following will be the tie-breaker for the playoffs:

                -Overall record (Percentage)

                -Head to head

                -Division record (Percentage)

                -Average runs against in head to head of teams tied.

-If more then two teams are tied once a team is eliminated at any stage of tie   breaker start over with remaining teams.

-If there is a tie for first after tie breaker, all teams will be declared regular season champion. However a drawing or coin toss will be used to determine seeding.

-If there is a tie for any other position a drawing or coin toss will determine seeding.

-The exception would be a tie for the final spot. In that case a single elimination game or games will be used to determine final seed.

-Rostered players must be at least 10 of their team’s game to be eligible for playoffs.

-Home team will provide game balls.

-Each team will pay for one umpires.

-League will schedule umpires.

-Trophies for players and sponsor will be provided for the playoff champion & runner-up.



-All-Star game will be played on Saturday or Sunday around mid-season.

-Make-up will be the following Sunday if Saturday game.

-The host team will be picked from a drawing system. All towns in the league at the year of the final team hosts will be drawn and a list will be made. The team on top of list will have first chance to host. Once a team on list hosts or declines they will be removed from the list. If team declines to host next team on list has choice. Any team entering league after list is completed or any team who leaves league are not eligible to host until new list is made. (Must have decision to host by March meeting)

-Host town must set up and pay for umpires.

-Host must provide drinks for players and coaches after game.

-Host team may do a fundraiser and keep all proceeds during the event.

-Each town must provide one game ball at the May meeting.

-Number of players per team and team managers will be determined by the Executive Board.

-Continuous batting order.

-Pitchers can pitch two innings (Does not count against them for the week).


NOTE: The Executive Board reserves the right to alter, add, or delete any of the playing rules or general information items.



League Officers:

President              Joby Blankenbicker          (C) 724-4172867

Vice-President    Bryan Hogan                       (C) 724-462-1329 [email protected]

Secretary              Lee Blankenbicker           (C) 724-683-1647


Revised 1/2016

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